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Econotherm partners with leading U.S. petrochemical company

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BRIDGEND, Wales, December 2015 – Econotherm has secured a £400K order for a 2.8-MW air pre-heater for delivery at the largest petrochemical facility in the United States.

Due to be commissioned in June 2016, the unit is the first of 14 such units that will collectively abate more than 58,000 tons per annum of CO2 emissions.

Each unit comprises more than 500 seven-metre finned heat pipes, and will weigh 35 tons when built.

About Econotherm

Econotherm is a leading UK-based manufacturer of heat pipe waste heat recuperators, economizers, pre-heaters, steam generators and steam condensers. The company’s patented super conductor heat pipe technology is used in a wide range of applications across many diverse industrial sectors.

For further information please contact:

Econotherm (UK) Ltd.
Phone: +44(0)1656 658640

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