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Why Econotherm?


Econotherm® is a leading UK based manufacturer of Heat Pipe Waste Heat Recuperators, Economisers, Pre-Heaters, Steam Generators and Steam Condensers. Our patented super conductor Heat Pipe technology is used in a wide range of applications across many diverse industrial sectors. The technology is renowned for being extremely robust and able to operate in many challenging heat recovery environments for the benefit of high energy users seeking to reduce ever increasing energy costs. The combination of a unique low cost manufacturing process and patented exchanger designs ensure that the many technical advantages of heat pipe exchangers are available to industrial users wishing to reduce running costs and carbon emissions.


Why Heatpipes?

Conventional Heat


  • Complex

  • Fragile structures

  • Vulnerable to catastrophic single point failures

Many common failure modes - ​

  • Cold spot induced condensation leading to corrosion

  • Thin metal surface required for effective heat transfer, vulnerable to erosion and corrosion

  • Prone to rapid particulate fouling combined with difficulty to clean

Failure is always catastrophic and difficult to manage

Industrial waste heat recovery
Shell & Tube heat exchanger

Heat Pipe Heat


  • Simple, robust structures with built in multiple redundancy​

Common failure modes eliminated - 

  • Isothermal operation eliminates cold spots and condensation

  • Heat transfer not affected by wall thickness hence thicker walls typically 2.5mm or 3.5mm pipe walls with higher corrosion allowance

  • Heat pipes configured for low fouling and ease of cleaning and maintenance with automated cleaning technologies

Consequence of failure is minimised and manageable

Industrial waste heat recovery
Heat pipe exchanger running since 2008
Reduced risk of failure and reduced consequence of failure
Heatpipe/Heat exchanger Operation


Industrial waste heat recovery

Primary can be hot exhaust, air, liquid, solid surface.

Secondary can be a gas, water, thermal oil, glycol, R245fa and various others.

Working fluid chosen according to temperatures involved - water, ammonia, acetone, Downtherm etc.

Pipe materials chosen according to performance requirement of fluid types and temperatures: carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper etc.

Heat Pipe Advantages


Industrial waste heat recovery

Low Fouling

Use of smooth pipes allows exchangers to be used in high particulate or oily applications

Low Pressure Drop

Low parasitic load means less capital and running cost on fans and greater energy recovery possibilities

Highly Scalable, Customisable & Configurable

Modular design allows on site assembly, can be designed for future expansion, to meet specific application or operational needs

Intermediate pipe Working Temperature

Allows higher exhaust temperature limits on some applications

More Efficient 

Usually smaller and/or lighter than conventional exchangers


Fast reaction time, offers different control options and suitable for sensitive apparatus; does not require preheating

Multiple Redundancy

Each pipe operates independently so unit is not vulnerable to a single pipe failure. This prevents cross contamination, each heat pipe acts as an additional buffer between the two fluids

Ease of Cleaning & Maintenance

Can be maintained in situ (no uninstall) Manual/automated cleaning systems

Robust Materials and Long Life

Design allows pipes to freely expand and contract, thus no thermal stress on structure. Thick pipe walls resist erosion/corrosion

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Isothermal Operation - no hot or cold spots

Eliminates cold corners and condensation, allows greater energy recovery and has better longevity for thermal oil

Our company is a leading manufacturer of ceramic tile products within the heart of the Indian ceramic industry. As part of our environmental policy we have for many years been searching for an effective waste heat recovery solution to support reduced fuel consumption and carbon footprint.

The nature of our manufacturing process has in the past proved too challenging for conventional waste heat  recovery technology. Attempts within our industry to recover waste heat have been ineffective resulting in disappointment and hence a poor appetite within our industry for future investment in such projects.

RADHE Renewables working with Econotherm UK Heat Pipe technology made a proposal worthy of consideration due to many claimed technical advantages. We can now report that the proposed technology has been deployed within our facility and has exceeded all our expectations.

We have achieved an average 422 KW/h energy recovery by pre-heating our drier combustion air to about 168C. The technology that has been deployed is effective, robust and maintainable in a way that has not previously been witnessed in our industry.

We are already in discussion regarding further deployment of this impressive technology within our business and are pleased to recommend Radhe and Econotherm UK in this regard.

- Radhe Patel

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