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Econotherm presents at Nitrogen + Syngas 2024

Econotherm Technical Director Hussam Jouhara took to the stage at Day 1 of the 2024 Nitrogen + Syngas Conference & Exhibition in Gothenburg, Sweden on Monday, March 4.

Joined by Solex Thermal Science Chief of Sales Igor Makarenko, Jouhara provided an overview of the role that heat pipe heat exchangers (HPHEs) are playing in decarbonising industrial operations worldwide.

The presentation titled: "Reducing primary energy costs through advances in heat exchange technology" noted the many challenges fertilizer producers have in managing their carbon footprints, and pointed to different solutions, such as how HPHEs can help by recovering waste heat from previously untapped gas streams.

Nitrogen + Syngas is an annual technical event for the global nitrogen and syngas community where professionals from across industries connect, do business and learn about the latest developments in operations, technology, process and equipment. The meeting regularly attracts a global audience of producers, licensors and materials and equipment providers from around the world.

This year's technical agenda featured three content tracks with a record 83 papers showcasing the latest technology, process, materials and equipment developments that are driving operational efficiency, sustainability and reliability for nitrogen and syngas producers.

For more information about the show, visit the official Nitrogen + Syngas website.

Hussam Jouhara of Econotherm presents at Nitrogen + Syngas 2024 in Gothenburg, Sweden Monday, March 4, 2024.
Hussam Jouhara of Econotherm presents at Nitrogen + Syngas 2024.

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